Jennifer Gruhl
Niagara Falls, Ontario Canada

​Jennifer Gruhl has been passionate about art much of her life. Jennifer loves the creative process and she is inspired by anything and everything! A lot of her work consists of opposites pushing and pulling at each other. Jennifer loves nature and is equally inspired by gritty urban life. She is fascinated by bright vivid colours but also loves the simple beauty of Black and White. In addition, Jennifer edits her photography to show how she views the world; therefore much of her art is a blend of fantasy and reality.

Since graduating from the Graphic Design Production Program at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, she has embarked on numerous freelance art & design projects.

I hope that you enjoy my work. That makes me happier than anything!

Dawn Clarke
Indigenous Artist & Acrylic Painter
Brantford, Ontario Canada

Dawn Clarke is a native from Brantford, Ontario and loves to create beautiful Indigenous paintings, drawings and poetry. I draw and paint because I enjoy and love it however it will be for sale and available for ordering as well. If I have sold something and you would like to purchase anything similar to it, I will paint or draw one for you. As I continue, my drawings and paintings will become more skilled and elaborate. I’ve always been somewhat of an illustrator and creative but always put it on the back burner – no more of that! “Find your happiness within yourselves so you can live a life you can actually be happy with. Live your truth – speak your truth – become your truth. it is never too late. Don’t let your limiting beliefs trick you into believing otherwise.”

Gwyneth Herrera
Abstract Painter
Toronto, Ontario Canada

Gwyneth Herrera is a Canadian abstract & photo-realistic artist, who at 14 months began to grab a paintbrush from her father’s hand. She maneuvered her brushes and rollers with an incredible agility and precision. She expanded long periods of time painting, demonstrating remarkable patience and deep concentration towards her art pieces; which is very uncharacteristic for young children. After contemplating Gwyneth’s developing artistic skills and her inner ability to mix colours; was undeniable.  She has shown perceptual creativity of uniqueness and simplicity on her artwork. She immerses herself into the wonderful creations that God has designed, in nature and keen observation of it, where she finds her inspiration.

At the age of 4 years old, Gwyneth had her first exhibition in the suburbs of Toronto, Ontario, Canada at the Visual Arts Mississauga Gallery in January, 2013. Gwyneth, had her first solo art exhibition at The 805 Studio in Toronto on July 31, 2015, sponsored by The 805 Studio. In 2013 Gwyneth Herrera was also accepted as a member of the Canadian Artists Society.

Gwyneth Herrera has been interviewed by recognized journalists in Toronto: Susan Hay (Global Toronto News); Laura Kane (Toronto Star); David Patterson (Mississauga News); Martha Pinzon; Silvia Mendez; and Norman Patino (Radio Voices Latinas, CHHA 1610AM) and has been featured in diversified magazines.

Gwyneth’s achievements currently include becoming the award-winner for the Vision Award 2016 for “Young Visionary of the Year.” Gwyneth, got chosen for the 2017, 150 Top Latin American Profiles in Canada by Melog, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. She also got selected to be a nominee and Finalist at the MARTY’S AWARD 2017 for “Emerging Visual Artist” category and nominee “Visual Artist of the Year” by InFAME Awards 2016.

Gwyneth Herrera paints, writes and illustrates stories created by her imagination and has captured the attention of many people around the globe for her philanthropic spirit and sincere love for art.  Gwyneth has created inspirational quotes and loves to talk about why people have a unique purpose in life.

“Never too young to help someone” – Gwyneth Herrera

At the age of 4 years old once she had developed her own unique style, she donated two of her favorite paintings; “Ocean” and “Rain” to the Ronal MacDonald Children’s House Charities in Toronto, Ontario, Canada due to her love for others and for children.

Lynne Joseph
​Oil Painter
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Lynne Joseph is an artist, an author. She advocates for the handicapped. Lynne likes to paint landscapes and is an oil painter. She spends some of her time in an electric wheelchair. Lynne’s hope is that more stores will have proper access.

As an author, Lynne Joseph’s books help children understand that there are no bad or dumb children. Lynne like to help children where people have given up on them and they have no one to go to. Lynne’s hope is that her books will help every child that wants to succeed. These books will make all the difference to a child that feels like they have no one; she guarantees it! 

Tiffany McFarlane
Fractal & 3D Artist
Long Island, New York, United States

Born July 20th, 1985, Tiffany McFarlane has been a fan of art her whole life. In addition to drawing since the tender age of 4, Tiffany has always been interested in experimenting with different art mediums. After briefly studying graphic design at the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), she struggled to find her place in the vast world of art. Eventually, she decided to challenge herself with something new and different. She began learning the basics of several fractal software programs, specifically Mandelbulb 3d and Apophysis 7x. Tiffany fell in love with the infinite possibilities of creations that could be made in the world of fractals

Tiffany has found her niche. Specializing in digital art, she is trying to bring the subgenre of fractal art to the forefront of the art world. After receiving tons of positive feedback, Tiffany knew that this was her calling. She worked hard to develop her craft to the point where galleries started noticing her work and was contacted for her first showing. She launched her independent business, TRM Design Co. in 2012 as a way to expand and showcase her work. Currently residing in Long Island, New York, Tiffany McFarlane continues to create fractal art, all with a colorful and whimsical approach.

Aidan Lefebvre
Brantford, Ontario, Canada

​My name is Mr. Aidan Lefebvre. I have lived in Brantford all my life practically. I lived for 3 years in Kingston, but then returned to Brantford and have never left. I became interested in photography at a young age and have set out to find unique situations and scenarios. I have been doing photography now for roughly 25 years now.
I have been and continue the craft of photography by taking inspiration by the Creator. This would allow me to see things that everyday people wouldn’t necessarily see and open new doors of opportunity. The pictures I take are the work of the Creator and I try to bring that out in the pictures I take.
I have keened in on some specialties; such as, Florals, Nature – Animals, Landscapes, and Sunrise/Sunsets. I try to focus on photos that will bring joy and enjoyment in peoples lives. I look for situations that bring pleasure, peacefulness and tranquility for others.
I use a variety of methods to take photos. I sometimes use a Tri-pod and sometimes I don’t. I have three cameras that I use. For Video, I use a Canon HF G10 and for photos, I use a Nikon D5000 and a Fiji Digital Camera. These each have their pros and cons, but depending on the picture I am trying to capture, one may be better than the other.
I have only just begun to show my work publicly and I have only just begun to sell my photography. For years, I chose not to show to the public because I was not interested. When my life became difficult, I had a change of heart and thought, why not? And so I have begun and have had some success. I look forward to having more success in the upcoming year ahead.

Luna Ouyang
Manga & Anime Painter
Beijing, China

​​Luna Ouyang (Original name Yayue Ouyang), was born in Guilin, China in 1983; a small city made famous by it’s magnificent landscape. During my childhood, I liked to paint small animals on paper and  I showed that I had talent in drawing when I was young.

I was the only girl in the family and my parents wanted me to take Business Finance. I went to school at Minzu University in China and achieved a Major in Business Finance. However, my life’s dream is to tell stories with a pen!

In September 2013, I started to be a full-time freelance artist. I usually spent about 2-4 days to finish an illustration. I use characters from Chinese and Japanese legends and the stories from the Bible in my art. The artwork shows attention to detail.

When I was a child, China was introduced to Japanese Manga. Almost every child fell in love with Manga right away! The first book I read was Ranma 1/2 by Rumiko Takahashi, which was different from other books I read before. I began to copy from the cartoonist’s when I went to high school. There is a long cartoonist list, such as, Rumiko Takahashi, Naoko Takeuchi, Saito Ghiho… Once, I had a classmate that sold my doodles to other classmates and after graduation he told me he sold 1 Yuan for each doodle and made great income!

I tried to draw like a cartoonist since 2013 when I was shocked to hear that becoming a Cartoonist was a career.. I would post some carefully selected works on Facebook, but when I received criticism I would have no confidence in myself over what I was doing. Fortunately, I received much more encouragement from friends and other people.

Whenever I felt exhausted or bored I liked to doodle . It’s like a sanctuary – I felt peace and satisfaction. At the beginning, I did a lot of Chinese style illustrations for practicing. After 5 years of conception and editing, the first chapter of my comic book “CRUX” is set to be released in October 2014.

This book contains all my paintings from 2014. Below is a list of people who support me and without them, this book would not be in production. I hope you like it!

Tracey Winter
Acrylic Painter
Brantford, Ontario

Tracey Winter was born and raised in Brantford, Ontario near the six Nations Territory. Which instilled in her curiosity of native peoples and their culture, love and respect of the out doors and the silence and peace it brings.

Her interest in art grew throughout high school. mainly preferring to work acrylics in the expressionist and abstract styles. Art helped express repressed feelings of being small and insignificant in a noisy chaotic society.

After high school, she enrolled in an interior design program at Niagara college, then the graphic design program at Mohawk college. it was there that etching fascinated her and she was encouraged to sell her prints on her own. right now, Tracey has expanded into learning wood-burning and continues to improve her techniques with acrylics with photo-realism.​